I’ve seen the movie, but I’d be delighted to join the Pity Party for supper.  Pre-movie would seem to make the most sense for the evening meal.  If you decide to go after the movie (10:00 ish), I’ll join you, but have dessert instead.



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My Fellow Mag Morons--the sad fact is, many of us are not going to Lilies this year..  Many of us will miss the camaraderie of the encampment,... the thrill of the fighting, ....the pomp of the courts........ the experience of the many classes......... the fun of parties..... the spectacle of the fireworks..................wahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!


Sniffle..... sniffle..... snuffle...... snork........


Alright, alright............  I'm OK......


So, in the interest of commiserating with and supporting each other...lets get together to make some fun of our own.  How about going out to eat and to a movie?  The plan is to go see SOLO at the Eastpark Marcus  theater on Fighter night Tuesday (Instead of Wednesday coz movies are cheap, cheap, cheap) June 12 at 7::55.PM.   I'll get a cluster of tickets Saturday afternoon--email me if you'd like to go, by Saturday morning.  


We have time to talk about where we'd like to eat--there are lots of choices in that area of town.  Make suggestions if you have any.   And if you rather go before or after the movie.


Be there or be, lonely.






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