I've used the Spyder products for a couple decades and they perform nicely for monitor calibration.  I've never really been interested in printer calibration, as the software costs a comparative bundle, and it seems wasteful time wize, as I have prints made by pro printing companies.  Who have the money and time to do print calibrations.  Just my 0.17 Euros.


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Hi Will,

Will you be using the colorimeter just for monitor calibration (profiling)? Do you anticipate any other uses, such as calibrating projectors, cameras, or printers?

If using it just for monitor profiling, you have a bunch of options:

Spyder5 Express (US $129)
Spyder5 Pro (US $189)
Spyder5 Elite  (US $279)

ColorMunki Smile (US $99)
ColorMunki Display (US $189)
ColorMunki Photo (US $459)

All of the Spyder5 products give you the exact same colorimeter. The only difference is the bundled software. The same is true for the ColorMunki Smile and Display - same colorimeter, different software. I think the ColorMunki Photo is also the same colorimeter as the other XRite products, but may come bundled with some added features for printer, projector, and camera profiling.

Personally I would rule out the two least expensive models, the Spyder5 Express and ColorMunki Smile. The software that comes with both of these has fixed settings for gamma (2.2) and white point (6500K or D65). I do most of my work for print, so I prefer to use the traditional Macintosh settings of 1.8 gamma and D50 (5000K), so I need the ability to change these settings. The Spyder5 Pro and ColorMunki Display allow you to select from a few different settings, including gammas of 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2 as well as white points of D50, D55, D65, and possibly 9300 K (not 100% sure about that last one). This should be plenty of options for most digital artwork.

At the other extreme, the Spyder5 Elite and ColorMunki Photo allow complete customization of the gamma and white point settings. Personally I think this is overkill. Unless you’re a color scientist or have some other very specific need, there’s no need to choose anything beyond the typical settings of 1.8, 2.2, D50, D65, etc.

I currently own a Datacolor Spyder5 Pro. Previously I had a Spyder3 Pro. I find that the Datacolor products work really well and are extremely easy to use.

I have no personal experience with the ColorMunki products, so I can’t really comment on them. I’ve just been turned off by the fact that the company has changed ownership a few times and the product names keep changing. I believe their products were originally made by Gretag-Macbeth, who also made a colorimeter called the i1 (Eye One) Display. Pantone offered the short-lived Huey line of colorimeters. Then I think XRite bought Gretag, they either bought or merged with Pantone and consolidated all of their products under the ColorMunki name.

Hope this helps.


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I want to buy a Colorimeter device. Any suggestions whether I should buy a XRite Colourmunki  or a Spyder 4 Elite.
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