I'm still using a Wacom Intuos 3 on my old Mac Pro that works beautifully and always has. Love it!

OTOH, the Intuos Pro, medium sized tablet that I bought for my newer iMac has been buggy from the start and I'm about to call tech support again. It's still on warranty (2 years). It sometimes "skips" and on some tools there's a delay from the moment I click on the tool I want to use to the time the cursor moves to the location where I want it. When I first called tech support, months ago, I got the standard song and dance that they won't support their product on an older version of Photoshop - and urged me to subscribe to PS CC2018 (which I finally did). That, along with an OS upgrade (Sierra) and driver update still haven't fixed the issue. Based on my previous happy experiences with Wacom I'm guessing I just got a lemon this time and that the unit will need to be replaced.

I am somewhat regretful of buying the "Pro" instead of the smaller, simpler model. There is a button that allows me to scroll for various options (enlarge/reduce image size, enlarge/reduce brush size, rotate, etc.) which sounds great and ought to improve efficiency, but even after using it for several months it's still not intuitive for me. Probably there are many artists who find it helpful, though.

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Dear All, 

I'm in the market for a Wacom or other tablet, and seeking your comments and suggestions. I use a Macbook Pro for my digital work. Online reviews vary a lot, and I'd prefer to hear from my fellow illustrators. Let me know your experience, good, bad, and/or ugly!

Thanks in advance,


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