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I was able to very effectively clean mold (or at least kill it) off beetles and other insects by applying with a fine paintbrush a solution of thymol dissolved in ethanol on the specimens. That is one more treatment to try on your series of beetles.


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Yes, that's the one Derek Woller sent a link to in the first reply to Andy's message yesterday. 

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There's an article I was just made aware of yesterday ( that says Lysol is a good removal tool. I haven't tried it myself, but it certainly seems like a possible (and easy!) solution. 

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Plain household ammonia works well. Soaking a specimen will also loosen appendages for repositioning. I use an ammonia soak for genitalia dissection softening, too. 

Lysol spray works well, too, and is good if you have a box or drawer of specimens to treat.

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I have found a 50:50 solution of plain ammonia and water to be a good all purpose cleaner and have not had any problems with discoloration etc.

I don't have much experience with them but would an ultrasonic cleaner be useful in this case?


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Subject: moldy specimens

Hi all,
We received a recent donation of old beetles that are covered in mold (or mould if you like):
I was hesitant to accept them, given their condition, but the donation came with $$$ and the specimens appear to otherwise be in great shape.

Can anyone recommend a treatment? I considered removing the mold mechanically with a fine brush. That would be labor intensive, but the collection is relatively small (about two USNM drawers).

Thankful for any help,

Frost Entomological Museum
Penn State