Hello all,

Crystal Ernst and I are organizing a Member Symposium, titled Ethics in Entomology: Considerations for Research and Policy, for the ESA, ESC, and ESBC 2018 Joint Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada from November 11-14. We have several individuals who have already confirmed their participation in the symposium, but we are looking for a couple more entomologists to submit presentations. 

Here is what we are hoping to cover in our symposium:

Since many of us get a “free pass” from Animal Care committees when developing and executing research involving insects, some might argue that entomologists often overlook the possibility that aspects of their work might be ethically problematic. The upcoming meeting in Vancouver could be a great opportunity for entomologists, ethicists, and others, to share a range of views about “entomological ethics”, from using live insects in fundamental research, to CRISPR technology for genetic modification in pest control, to collecting and killing wild insects for research collections.  The symposium organizers will provide a respectful space for different (and possibly dissenting) voices to be heard and a range of experiences to be shared, with the aim of sparking interest, encouraging reflection, and initiating conversations.

If you or anyone else you know would be interested in presenting in this symposium, please get in touch with me by May 18, and we will get your submission added to our symposium program. We would love to have early career scientists and students involved as well! Please pass this email on to anyone who may be interested. Thanks so much for your consideration.



Emily L. Sandall
Ph.D. Candidate
EGSA Outreach Coordinator
Department of Entomology
Penn State University