Luciana Musetti wrote:
"Hello ECNers,
  We have a number of well-preserved Lane cabinets that need the  
sealing along the doors replaced. Does anyone have experience with  
this? Any warnings or recommendations?

I replaced the decomposing gaskets from some well-preserved Lane  
Cabinets a few years ago. I took the advice from several members of  
this group and I'm very satisfied with the results. I took the  
cabinets outdoors because of the dust I was going to create. With the  
cabinets lying on sawhorses on their backs, I used wire brushes on an  
electric drill to grind away all of the old gasket and remnants of  
glue down to bare metal. I went to Home Depot and purchased some  
rubber gasket material with self-sealing back. I purchased the gasket  
material that is a double D profile. I placed a thin layer of gorilla  
glue on the bare-metal to which I laid down the rubber gasket (I made  
sure I removed the protective paper strip from the rubber gasket  
material.) The rubber gasket does not come in perfect lengths, so I  
made sure that each length of doorjamb had no joints in the gasket,  
and there was some waste. I carefully cut the corners of the gasket to  
45 angles, and when all is said and done they went together  
beautifully. It is a 2 person job. I laid the doors on the open  
cabinets while the cabinets were still on their backs. With the  
cabinets on their backs, I slid the doors onto the hinges. I locked  
the doors in place so that the weight of the door along with the  
pressure of the lock would seal the gasket and glue in place. After a  
couple days (remember it never went rains in New Mexico) I moved the  
cabinets back inside. The cabinets have been in my bug room now for  
4-5 years and I'm very satisfied with the results. Because it does  
rain in Ohio from time to time I think you can do this in the overhang  
where trailers are backed into the loading dock.

Good luck, and please say "Hi" to everybody in Columbus, Ohio for me.  
Of course they will have no idea what you're talking about they will  
just give you crazy looks.

Cheers from sunny and hot southern New Mexico where the skies are not  
cloudy all day.


Eric H. Metzler