Unto the glorious Roses of Calontir, inspiration to us all, and to the
worthy Steel fighters, razor-sharp claws of the Falcon, greetings. Comes
before you now Baroness Ayisha bint Asad, deputy to our Lilies Cut & Thrust
Marshal In Charge, Lord Brian Robert MacDougall.

As you have well heard, there will be a Tournament in honor of the Roses
upon the 15th of June, at 10am, at the Lilies War. The sign-up list will be
at the field from the start of the war until the night prior to the Rose
tournament, at the time the Novice Tournament ends, or 8pm, whichever is

For those Roses who are in search of a fighter to inspire, or those
fighters who are in search of a Rose to represent, please email me at
ayisha.bint.asad at by the end of Thursday, June 7th, with the
subject line "Rose Tourney". Please include your full name, title, and
kingdom, as well as how you prefer your Rose/fighter to contact you should
there be any arrangements you wish to make in advance (be it an electronic
means of contact, or where they should look for you at war). For fighters,
if you have chosen a side in the Duchies vs Counties conflict and wish your
sponsorship to reflect that alignment, please indicate which side you are
on, and whether your allegiance is strong enough that you would rather not
fight than betray it.

Please do not email me after June 7th, as I will not have email access at

After that time, there will be a separate signup list at the field at
Lilies for those who are in search of a Rose or fighter. Individuals will
be responsible for checking back to see whether a sponsor or representative
has been found by the time the list closes, the night before the tournament.

It is requested that Roses and Champions be at the field by 9:30am the day
of the Tourney, and prepared for introductions and the reading of the list
by 10am.

We look forward to seeing you upon the fields of the Lilies War!

Yours in Service,

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

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