You can also download a blank course sheet for instructors on the
RUSH page on the kingdom website. You can download it in .pdf or .docx
format for those who, for some reason, don't do .pdf . If you have
more than five students in your class, please use a second form or
write on the back of the Lilies form.

If you are student who would like to make certain that you get credit
for the classes you take, there is also a form for students to list
and keep track of classes themselves. The link is Students keeping track of classes can turn
them into me at the Vault of Valhalla at the war or give them to me in
person or send them to me digitally through scanning or photo after
the war.

Ducibella, your friendly RUSH registrar

On 6/6/18, Hugo van Harlo <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> ​ATTN LILIES CLASS TEACHERS: If you need to cancel your class before the
> war, please notify your friendly neighborhood A&S staff by using the form
> below. This way we can record your updates if possible.
> Once the War begins, if you need to cancel a class, visit the big
> heralds/youth/A&S tent and look for the A&S Notebook to record your
> cancellation. A&S programming changes will be posted to the three A&S
> boards across the site; camp cryers will direct peoples' attention to them
> for the latest updates and cancellations.
> Thank you!
> ​Vw Nederige Dienaar,
> H​v​go​, Jonkheer​ van Harlo
> (mka Will)
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