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Viscount Brummbar von Schwarzberg

Brummbar von Schwarzberg passed from this world May 31st, 2018

Brummbar was the first Champion of Calontir, its first Warlord, and its
third Prince. Some of his squires include Sir Lars Vilhjalmsson
<>, Duke Thoman Shadan Secarius
<>, Sir Mihangel ap Gruffydd
<>, and Mistress Olga Belobashnina
Cherepanova <>

But those accolades, though well earned, are not nearly the measure of the
man. Those who remember him have stories to tell, but his shadow is long
and even those who did not know him have been influenced by him all these
years later.

*From Syr Andrew Lyon of Wolvenwood

As a member of Three Rivers in Calontir’s pre-Principality days, I have
fond memories of Brumbar. His freon-can helm, his black round-shield with
rope edging, and his skill at arms which seemed heroic to us kids. In court
or at feast, he was stern yet kind, never haughty, and his love for the
Society was crystal clear. Believe me when I say that the spirit of
Calontir is to a large part due to the quiet solidity and sense of Master

My most cherished memory of Brumbar is not of tourney or court or feast,
however. It is of the great privilege I had of being invited to play
wargames at his home. I will never forget evenings spent with Brom
Blackhand, Senor Juan (Dev), and Stephen Ironhand, rolling dice while Bear
refereed a game. He had hundreds of painted miniatures and medieval
terrain. He loved pulling out that hidden unit of undead or orcs and seeing
how we’d deal with them, or not. The glint in his eye as the lead carnage
unfolded on the table was just pure joy.

Bear was a wise, humble, brilliant man with a wry wit and a sharp eye for
bull. You knew that he knew what was right and what was wrong. Bear pointed
the way to adulthood for me and many others. Please, Calontir, for so long
as the Falcon flies, forever remember the debt owed by the Kingdom to this
fine man.

*From Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis

This is the way of our lifestyle: We see our friends on weekends, and for a
week or so three times a year. Unless we are in the same town, or perhaps
at weddings, we rarely meet our friends’ parents. And now some of us have
reached the age when our parents, and our friends’ parents, start to pass

It is difficult to offer words of comfort to such good friends, about the
loss of their first, and most influential mentor. I often fall back on the
formulaic, yet deeply felt: I knew not the father, but based on the son, I
am certain he was a good, good man.

Many of the newer Sons and Daughters of the Falcon never had a chance to
meet Brumbarr. Many of those from foreign Realms never had a chance to meet
him. To all of those, I can only say:

This man you may judge based on the Kingdom you know.

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