Thank you, Your Excellency; it’s a really good article. 

I think most peoples have had their cultures or faiths twisted into an evil tool utilized to spread hate and authoritarianism. The KKK strongly mimicked the Christian Crusaders of the Middle Ages in their attire, so much so that Syr Duncan MacTorquil has an interesting story about the looks he received playing freak-the-mundy in a Crusader’s garb.  (Although, the Crusader’s had their own share of baggage...)

Some symbols, like the swastika, are past restoration and it is disturbing to think anyone would appropriate them, even in the name of Medievalism. The “Anachronism” part of our society name frees us from subjugation to our ancestors’ ignorance. The goal of the SCA is to study the Middle Ages, but, in recreating them, the motto has always been, “As they should have been,” not “As they were.” 

Our past can give us strength when we know it and apply it, which is why what we do is important and it is relevant. 

Also, there are sections of history which I have no intention of ever repeating... 


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Thank you for sharing that article.

It was thought provoking and, yet, inspirational.

Defend the dream!


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An article every SCA member should read.

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