Hi Calontir,

Now that we are settling
into our day-to-day obligations, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks on behalf of our A&S team this year
 everyone who took a class or participated in an event or competition.

​As you may have noticed, we had A LOT of A&S activities scheduled this year, and that took A LOT of hardworking people committed to our collective geeky vision of the pre-seventeenth century world to pull off:​

to our
​ many, many​
​ - more than we could possibly list here! Your commitment to developing a class and offering to teach it (for free, mind us all) make up the bulk of the exciting A&S offerings at the war.

articipating guild liaisons
​ (Marie le Fairvre, Amon Attwood, and Wolfram Jannsen, notably)​
​ you give us all a glimpse of the cool A&S outcomes we can achieve together. Thanks for working with us.

Know World tour day
​ leads​
 (​Sibilla Swaine, HRMs Calontir & Ismalla Tapp, 
Ylva kennara Jonsdottir
Rahil Isfahani
Saito Takauji
​, ​
Maegwynn Attewode
​), thank you for working hard to give us a glimpse into your chosen time and place. 

If you had a good arts and science experience at war this year, it's directly due to those above and the team of awesome people who so graciously stepped up to help:
  1. ​​
    Judith Champnest:
    Class scheduler and A&S tent organizer
  2. ​​
    Brigida von München:
  3. ​​
    Vashti al-A’sar:
    Organizing and host not just one, but two, A&S Socials
  4. ​​
    Gaming tables and the week-long
    ambling machinations
  5. ​​
    Sibilla Swaine:
    Silver Lily Renaissance Salon and Tudor Tavern Night
  6. ​​
    Ælin Kausi:
    A&S deputy and sitebook content copyeditor
​Big additional thanks to go Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla for all her work coordinating schedules and ​Winnifred d’Artois for getting the sitebook completed.

​Look at all these amazing names! If you know them - or even if you don't - please extend your gratitude to them for all their work.

​We want to hear what you liked, what you didn't, and what ideas you have for the future!
We'll be sending out a after-event survey later this week, but if you have anything urgent, please feel free to reach out to me, personally.

Your Friend and Servant,

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