Hi Leofwyna!

     I'd like to join our group for dinner and the movie.  I'm tutoring
until 6 on Tuesday night; where may I meet the group after then, if we are
eating pre-movie?

Joseph ben David

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> My Fellow Mag Morons--the sad fact is, many of us are not going to Lilies
> this year..  Many of us will miss the camaraderie of the encampment,... the
> thrill of the fighting, ....the pomp of the courts........ the experience
> of the many classes......... the fun of parties..... the spectacle of the
> fireworks..................wahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!
> Sniffle..... sniffle..... snuffle...... snork........
> Alright, alright............  I'm OK......
> So, in the interest of commiserating with and supporting each other...lets
> get together to make some fun of our own.  How about going out to eat and
> to a movie?  The plan is to go see SOLO at the Eastpark Marcus  theater on
> Fighter night Tuesday (Instead of Wednesday coz movies are cheap, cheap,
> cheap) June 12 at 7::55.PM.   I'll get a cluster of tickets Saturday
> afternoon--email me if you'd like to go, by Saturday morning.
> We have time to talk about where we'd like to eat--there are lots of
> choices in that area of town.  Make suggestions if you have any.   And if
> you rather go before or after the movie.
> Be there or be, lonely.
> Leofwyna
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