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Hello all!

My name is Stephen Nachtsheim. I’m a rising junior at Colorado State University studying zoology.  I am extremely interested in the Medical Illustration / Scientific Illustration! I only heard about this career in the last year, and it seems absolutely perfect for me.  

I would love to get an experience that I can in the field, but it is not incredibly easy to find such things as I’m sure you all know. It is not an incredibly common profession, and while there is some information out there, there isn’t a lot.

I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas, connections, contacts, etc. for internships or simply experience in the field! I really just want to get familiar with the career, learn about it, and get some experience! I would be looking for Summer 2019, but I just wanted to try and find opportunities early on! I apologize if this is a common thread on this forum!

Thank you so much,
Stephen Nachtsheim

P.S. I am sending this message out to both the AMI and the GNSI. I’m sorry if you happen to see it twice!



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