For those of you with a good SLR camera there is an alternative to scanning for some purposes.

We have used a superseded Canon 5DMkII camera, a superseded camera lift (but you can use a good copy-stand) the room lights and Capture One software (for which we had a spare “seat”).

The camera is tethered to the computer and controlled through Capture One.

We make the settings “copy from previous”, line up the document and a QP101 neutral grey calibration strip. We get the focus and exposure right and click on the QP 101 grey to get the colour balance right.

Then we take the document away and photograph a piece of light, neutral grey card.

We then create a Lens Cast Calibration (LCC) in Capture One and apply that to subsequent photographs.

We get beautiful colour balance and perfect, even lighting from standard public service fluro lights off to one side.

Distortion will depend on the lens you use but Capture One does tend to correct for that too. We use a 35mm or a 50mm macro.

We’ve done over 20,000 documents and are currently adjusting a beautiful John Gilbert manuscript notebook.





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Right now I am using an Epson WF-7610; it's an All-In-One with an 11x17 scan bed, and it prints 13x18. So far I have been very happy with it. It does tend to scan a bit blue, but it's not excessive and I adjust for that. I use Photomerge in Photoshop to stitch the sections together, it's not foolproof, but really good and saves a lot of work.

Using Epson Scan software, I have quite a bit of control over the scan, then of course can do more adjustments in Pshop. I've had mostly Epson scanners and have always been pleased with them, although the Microtek 800 also worked well. I wouldn't get anything smaller than an 11x17 scan bed, and if I had space for (and could afford) a bigger scanner I'd get it.

My 2¢!





On 6/6/18 6:47 AM, Jennifer Landin wrote:

Hi friends

My beloved HP Scanjet4670 See-thru Vertical scanner has no drivers for any recent OS (and the old computer I was keeping just for scanning is dying). What I loved about that scanner: the scanning bed was clear and removable so I could scan large pieces by moving the scanner on the painting, then piecing the scans together in PS.

Looks like HP has not made any similar scanners so I'm looking at the Epson Perfection V39. But thought I'd ask my GNSI friends before making a purchase.

Any suggestions? How do you digitize large pieces?



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