Hi All,

Call for donations for the GNSI Annual Conference Auction!! Bring us your art supplies you no longer want, quirky interesting items, books, posters, t-shirts you have designed, and anything else you feel would be a good fit for our 50th Annual Conference in D.C.

It is coming up soon so don’t delay. You can contact me directly at [log in to unmask] to make arrangements to either ship the item to our local contact Leslie Becker or let me know what you will be bringing when you come to the Conference :)

Ship Items to: 
Leslie Becker 
3 Vallingby Circle 
Rockville, MD 20850 -2762 

Remember all proceeds from the auction go directly into the Education Fund which is a great resource for chapters to apply for to have workshops, speakers, etc…within their local chapter to spread the word on how amazing and important Scientific Illustration is.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring! 

Tricia Cassady
GNSI 50th Annual Conference Auction Coordinator
Washington D.C.


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