Hello again,

It appears I was not clear in my previous e-mail. I was TOLD a beetle did damage on coconut palms, but I was SHOWN a photo of the responsible beetle, which I immediately recognized as some Phileurini. Strategus aloeus and Rhynchophorus palmarum are well known by the people informing me, and they were also telling about those.

I've never before heard of Phileurini damaging palms, and if this is indeed a novelty, I may be able to travel to the place where they were found and possibly make some photos and collect specimens. They told me they had to visit the place again before long. Going there would cost me a day, some planning and possibly money, so it has to be worthwhile.

Cheers, Auke

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     We need a picture to be sure to confirm. There is the giant palm weevil that could be causing damage, or they might be the coconut rhinocerous beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros. A very very bad pest of coconut that does exactly what you indicate. There are MANY publications on line regarding this scarab. See attached pictures of a nice adult male.  I had a lady from Trinidad call me about the same potential problem but she would never send a picture of the beetle. See what you can do. THANKS
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Hello All,
The day before yesterday I was informed about an as yet unidentified species in the tribe Phileurini (Dynastinae) which allegedly damages the living "bark" of coconut palms while living in composting material piling up on still-attached leaf brackets. Does anyone here know about other reports of Phileurini damaging living plant tissue? Especially if that physical damage in turn causes economic damage? Publications as well as anecdotes welcome.
Cheers, Auke