Dear AFEE Colleagues:

        This is summer vacation and I imagine all of you have greatly enjoyed the summer time so far. I, however, would like to draw your attention to the following reports and sincerely hope some of you could spend your free time in thinking about the young life of Dong Yaoqiong (ã), a courageous Chinese figure. 




         She has disappeared for two weeks, and according to past experiences, it's very likely that she would disappear forever. Please do not forgive us for carelessly watching the disappearance of a young life for promoting institutional change for all of us. 

         Tear Down This Wall:

         Sustainably yours,

Prof. Brian Chi-ang Lin (L), Ph.D.
Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Surveys
Associate Editor, Forum for Social Economics
Research Areas: Circular Economy, Institutional Change, Knowledge Economy, Life Course