Ave, Calontir!

Rejoice knowing well the good character of your fellow citizens, of
whom the following were recognized in the evening court of Summer
Coronation Xerxis and BelAnna, Imperatores Calontirum, Anno Societatis

• Lord Salvator of Forgotten Sea, an Award of Arms

• Lady Jorunna of Lonely Tower, an Award of Arms

• Lord Wilhelm von Brandt, an Award of Arms

• His Lordship Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiachev was named a Herald Extraordinary

• Her Grace Ashland de Mumford, Duchy

• The boon begged & granted for Her Ladyship Anna Plantyn to be
elevated to membership of the Order of the Laurel.

Vw Nederige Dienaar,
Hvgo, Jonkheer van Harlo
(mka Will)

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