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CALONTIR Acceptances

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#149> Brynjólfr Fálkason. Device. Per fess vert and argent, a cow statant and a tree eradicated counterchanged.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#150> Cenn Fáelad mac Áeda. Name.

Nice 9th-10th century Irish Gaelic name!

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#148> Da'ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati al-Ma'iz. Name.

Submitted as al-Ma'iz Da'ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati, the order of the name elements did not follow an attested naming pattern for Arabic. Based on the name pattern data in Names From the Diary of Ibn al-Bann{a-}' by Basil Dragonstrike (, and with the submitter's permission, we are registering this name as Da'ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati al-Ma'iz.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#151> Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari. Device change. Quarterly azure and vert, three annulets interlaced and a bordure Or.

The submitter's previous device, Per saltire azure and vert, a senmurv contourny Or, is retained as a badge.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#152> Deidra de Warenne. Badge. Sable, on a goutte argent a goutte purpure.

These are two gouttes, a tertiary charge on a primary charge, and not the equivalent of a goutte fimbriated. Therefore, this badge does not conflict with the badge of David ben Avraham Brisk, (Fieldless) A goutte de vin, with a DC each for fieldlessness, tincture of the primary charge, and the addition of a tertiary charge.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#153> Dorcas Whitecap. Blanket permission to conflict with badge. (Fieldless) A barnacle goose tree Or, leaved and fructed within and conjoined to an annulet gules.

Dorcas grants permission to conflict for all armory not identical to her badge.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#154> Elizabeth van Leyden. Name and device. Azure, in pale a flame proper and a double-horned anvil, in chief two tiler's nails argent, a bordure compony Or and gules.

Nice 14th century Dutch name!

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#155> Eyfríđr Geirsdóttir. Device. Azure, an owl contourny and in chief two triskelions of spirals Or.

There is a step from period practice for use of triskelions of spirals.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#156> Gilana Peregrina. Badge. Per pale vert and purpure, three gillyflowers argent.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#158> Gisa Luder. Name.

The submitter requested the spelling Lüder for the surname if it could be documented. Unfortunately, we were unable to document Lüder with the umlaut within 500 years of the early 9th century Germanic given name Gisa. However, in commentary, Lillia Crampette documented Gise Lüder as an entirely grey period German name. If the submitter would prefer this form, she may make a request for reconsideration.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#159> Gwenhoivar of Lindley. Device. Purpure chaussé, an open book argent and in chief three escallops Or.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#160> Gwythelan FitzWilliam. Name and device. Argent, a bend sinister vert between a brown owl rising proper and three oak sprigs vert fructed proper.

Submitted as Gwyddelan FitzWilliam, the submitted spelling of the given name could not be documented to period; it appears to be an entirely modern spelling. However, Gwythelan is found in the 15th century as part of the name of a church in Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 8, 1427-1447, ed. J A Twemlow (London, 1909), pp. 321-334. ( We have made this change for registration.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#161> Hans Niemann. Device. Argent, a horse's head couped contourny gules and on a chief azure two drakkars argent.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#162> Isengrim sleggja. Badge. (Fieldless) A fox sejant gules marked argent maintaining in its forepaw an open book argent bound proper.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#163> John Bowyer. Badge. (Fieldless) Two crayfish addorsed and conjoined argent maintaining in chief a bell azure semy-de-lys argent.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#164> Kikuchi Yoichi Yoriie. Name.

The Letter of Intent documented Yoichi based on the attested yobina Yoichirou. S{o,}lveig Ţrándardóttir confirmed that dropping the element -rou from Yoichirou is a valid construction in Japanese.

The submitter should be aware that the second and third element of the name are pronounced as Yo'ichi and Yori'ie respectively, with the apostrophe representing a glottal stop as in the name Hawai'i.

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#165> Lucius Bombius Primus. Name.

This name is clear of the registered Lucius Plotius Primus under both PN3C1 (Bom- vs Plo-, -bi vs -ti) and PN3C2 (Bomb- vs. Plot-).

Nice Roman name for the 2nd century C.E.!

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#166> Skorri fasthaldi. Name.

Nice 9th-10th century Icelandic name!

*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#167> Svala Úlfsdóttir. Name.

The submitter has permission to conflict with the registered name of Svana Úlfsdóttir.


*<file:///F:/Armorial/Jan18LOAR/18-01lar.htm#157> Giovanna Canzoniere da Firenze. Device. Or, a hand of Fatima azure charged with a brown eye argent irised proper, a bordure purpure.

This device is pended for one month to allow for commentary on hands of Fatima, currently under consideration in the November Laurel LoPaD, to complete. The decision for this device will appear in the same letter that the final ruling on that discussion will appear.

This was item 10 on the Calontir letter of October 31, 2017.


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