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CALONTIR Acceptances

* Annika die Rauscherin. Name.

This name combines a Swedish given name with a German byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

* Dana Tartare. Name and device. Or, a unicorn's head couped and on a chief purpure three mullets Or.

* Forgotten Sea, Barony of. Order name Order of Forester of Forgotten Sea and badge. Argent, on an acorn vert an arrow argent, a bordure embattled vert.

Submitted as Order of the Forester of Forgotten Sea, the name did not follow a period pattern for naming orders. As recently as June 2017, we explained the limitations on the pattern of naming orders after groups of people:

This order name must be returned because it does not follow a period pattern for order names in English. The Letter of Intent argued that the name fits the pattern of naming orders for groups of people. However, this pattern is very limited. On the June 2014 Letter of Acceptances and Returns, we returned the order name Orden del Conquistador with the following explanation:

The pattern of naming an order name after a group of people is not found in Spanish. The examples of this pattern that we have are all in the plural, and are found in Austria and Germany: Geselleschaft der Tempellaist (Society of the Grail-Templars) and Geselscap von den Gecken (Society of the Fools). Without such documentation that this is a plausible pattern in Spanish, we are unable to register this order name.

In addition, the cited examples support the patterns of a type of person as a heraldic charge (known by a distinctive manner of dress, as a fool or a monk), and of a legendary group of people like the Grail-Templars. A conquistador does not follow either of these patterns. It is a generic term that is not associated with a particular depiction that would be known by people in period. [Glymm Mere, Barony of. Order name Orden del Conquistador, R-An Tir].

This order name suffers from the same problems. The pattern of naming orders after groups of people was not documented in English. A wayfarer is not a heraldic charge with a distinctive manner of dress. Nor are wayfarers a known legendary group of people. Therefore, this name is not registerable.

The Barony should know that, as of last month's Cover Letter, a pilgrim is now a period heraldic charge that can be used in order names. The names Order of the Pilgrim of Gotvik or Order of the Pilgrims of Gotvik would be registerable if the Barony wishes to resubmit [Gotvik, Barony of. Order name Order of the Wayfarers of the Barony of Gotvik, June 2017, R-Drachenwald].

Like a Conquistador and a Wayfarer, a Forester does not have a distinctive manner of dress and is not a legendary figure. Therefore, the name as submitted is not registerable.

In commentary, Lillia Crampette documented Forester as a 16th century English surname that can be used as a given name. Therefore, Order of _ Forester of Forgotten Sea follows the pattern of naming orders after the given name of a patron or founder. With the Barony's permission, we are registering the name in this form.

* Giovanna Canzoniere da Firenze. Device. Or, a hand of Fatima azure charged with aj eye argent irised brown, a bordure purpure.

This device was pended from the January 2018 LoAR to allow the decision regarding hands of Fatima to be made. Please see the Cover Letter for details.

* Nuala de Shetland. Name.

This name combines a Gaelic given name with an English byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

* Roger of Bellebrocton. Name and device. Vert, a brock rampant and a bordure Or.

Nice late 13th century English name!

* Thyri Haraldsdottir. Badge. (Fieldless) A lion's jambe bendwise erased Or semy of strawberries proper.

* Victoria of Standing Stones. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, a fret counterchanged.

This name submission was withdrawn by the submitter during commentary. However, she changed her mind after being informed that we could not, by precedent, create a holding name for a withdrawn (as opposed to returned) name and that we would be forced to return her armory. [Ívarr smetta, 10/2016 LoAR, R-Calontir].

Victoria was documented on the Letter of Intent as the submitter's legal given name. However, the submitter does not need to rely on the Legal Name Allowance because Seraphina Ragged Staff documented Victoria as a given name in English dated to 1589 in the FamilySearch Historical Records.

Standing Stones is the registered name of an SCA branch


* Heinrich von Emden. Device change. Per chevron sable and gules, two towers and an eagle's head erased, a bordure argent.

This device is returned for violation of the May 2011 Cover Letter instructions for per chevron lines of division. In this device, the visible portion of the line of division sits two-thirds above the fessline, rather than being centered on it. Even taking into account the hidden portion behind the bordure, the line of division is still substantially higher, dividing the field unequally. Far from a mere technicality, we see the practical consequences of this design as the towers are crowded into the corners of the shield with almost no margin while the eagle's head, depicted with the same height, floats in base with a lot more space around it. Shifting the line of division so that it's centered on the fessline will solve that. The submitter is encouraged to enlarge all of the primary charges to fill the available space, once the line of division is shifted.

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