Hi Jorge,

I hope that you are fine

if you have received this thesis, I am interested for Catharsius.

I was in Ivory Coast since 2 months and half, for collecting in remote areas if dry forest in the north of the country.


Philippe Moretto
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2018-04-30 18:43 GMT+02:00 Jorge Ari Noriega Alvarado <[log in to unmask]>:

Dear colleagues,

Receive a cordial greeting. I'm looking for a PDF version of this thesis:

Davis, A.J. 1993. The ecology and behaviour of rainforest dung beetles in Northern Borneo. PhD Thesis, University of Leeds, UK.

I already try to find it true the University but it was impossible. I don't know if Andrew J. Davis is on this list. Anyway, thank you in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

Jorge Ari Noriega

Department of Biogeography and Global Change
National Museum of Natural Science (CSIC)