Given the recent posts surrounding Polanyi, some might be interested in this Youtube presentation of Abraham Rotstein speaking of his visits with Polanyi that resulted in his "Weekend Notes" I've only found one of these conversations on line, and I suspect that for the others, one will have to travel to either Montreal or NY (Columbia U). In any case, I stumbled on all this when rereading portions of Gareth Dale's, Karl Polanyi. (I believe John Watkins mentioned this in the recent discussion--it's an excellent account, by the way, by a sympathetic but critical commentator. Further, it's exceptionally well-written and displays an almost encyclopedic grasp of the literature.) So, here's the link to the video. I'll send another email in a bit with Rotstein's "Weekend Notes XVII." Attaching it to the video makes it too large for transmission.


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