Dear Afeefolks,

This is a friendly reminder that proposals for papers, workshops and panels
at ICAPE are due Tuesday, September 4th. I hope you can join us for this
conference that brings all of the heterodox perspectives together.


Geoff Schneider

*International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics
> (ICAPE)*
> *Call for Papers, Panels and Workshops*
> *Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, GA*
> *January 3, 2019, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM*
> *Gender, Race, Class and Crises: *
> *Pluralistic Approaches to the Economic Issues of our Time*
> ICAPE was founded 25 years ago (in 1993) by a group of heterodox
> economists committed to the idea of pluralism in economics. ICAPE’s
> founding occurred in the wake of a plea for a “pluralistic and rigorous
> economics" which was published as a paid advertisement in the American
> Economic Review and signed by many leading economists. Today, we find the
> mainstream as monolithic as ever in its domination of journals and degree
> programs, but there are small signs of progress. Analysis of institutions
> and actual human behavior is displacing some of the emphasis on rational
> optimizing behavior of individual actors. Institutions in the U.K. are
> calling for new approaches to economics. Nonetheless, much remains to be
> done. This is particularly true when it comes to issues of Gender, Race,
> Class and Crises, where heterodox economists have much to say while much
> mainstream analysis is inadequate.
> The 2019 ICAPE conference will explore the following themes:
> ·         Given the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, the ongoing
> domination of the economics profession by white men, and the inadequacies
> of mainstream economic analysis of gender and race, what can pluralistic
> economists offer as an alternative?
> ·         Inequality continues to be a major issue of our time, and one
> that is central to much pluralistic analysis while being absent from much
> mainstream analysis. What can pluralistic economists add to the analysis of
> this crucial topic? How can a contemporary analysis of class, race and
> gender contribute to our understanding?
> ·         Contemporary capitalism faces recurrent macroeconomic crises
> and looming environmental crises. How can pluralistic economists shed light
> on the dynamics and possible solutions to these crises?
> ·         What are the major problems confronting today’s communities,
> and how can pluralistic approaches to economics address those problems?
> ·         To what extent is it possible to combine and integrate
> different heterodox approaches into a unified, pluralistic approach?
> ·         What are the best methods for teaching and conducting research
> in pluralistic economics?
> ·         How should we cope with the exclusion of pluralistic ideas from
> economics journals, textbooks and curricula? What strategies should we
> adopt?
> ·         What should younger scholars know about each pluralistic
> tradition? What are the cutting edge approaches to teaching and scholarship
> in each tradition?
> It has never been more important for pluralistic economists to discuss
> robust alternatives to mainstream economics and to bolster pluralistic
> approaches to teaching and research.
> This ICAPE conference will occur on the day before the 2018 ASSA meetings
> from 7AM to 5PM at Agnes Scott College in suburban Atlanta. Agnes Scott is
> located within a short cab or train ride from the convention hotels. The
> conference registration fee is $120 ($60 for graduate students/low income),
> which includes breakfast and lunch, along with coffee and refreshments
> throughout the day.
> One of the purposes of the conference is to bring together economists from
> a variety of heterodox perspectives. There will be multiple opportunities
> for people to come together, including breakfast, coffee breaks, and a
> lunch plenary. Please plan on spending the entire day at the conference. In
> general, requests to schedule sessions at particular times of the day
> cannot be granted.
> We welcome work from all strands of heterodox economic theory, including
> evolutionary, ecological, complexity, institutional, feminist, Austrian,
> Marxian, Sraffian, Post-Keynesian, behavioral/psychological, social,
> radical political economy, critical realism, agent-based modeling, and
> general heterodox. We are particularly interested in material from graduate
> students, sessions on pluralistic teaching, and material on the state of
> pluralism in economics. And, we are interested in research from any of the
> perspectives listed above.
> Submissions:
> The deadline for submitting proposals is Tuesday, September 4, 2018. We
> welcome proposals for individual papers, full sessions, teaching workshops,
> research workshops and roundtables. Proposals for complete sessions or
> workshops with a coherent theme are encouraged, especially those that are
> pluralistic in nature, reflecting multiple perspectives in the discipline.
> Those who make a submission will be informed whether their proposal has
> been accepted by the 10th of September 2018.
> Anyone needing an early decision on their submission to secure travel
> funding should indicate the need for an early decision as part of their
> submission. Submissions will be evaluated for acceptance on a rolling basis.
> ICAPE member associations are encouraged to submit entire sessions or
> workshops. Current dues-paying ICAPE member associations include: AFEE,
> For individual papers, please include your (1) *name*, (2) *title*, (3)
> *affiliation*, (4) *abstract of up to 300 words* or less, (5) *three
> keywords*, (6) *short abstract of 40 words*, and (7) *contact information*
> (address, phone, email). For full sessions consisting of papers,
> roundtables, workshops, and other formats, please include the above for
> each contribution, as well as a title for the session, the names of the
> chair and discussants (if any), and the name and contact information of the
> session organizer.
> All proposals should be submitted by email to [log in to unmask]
> as a *Word or RTF document*. Your email subject should be titled using
> the corresponding author’s last name, “ICAPE,” and a brief title in the
> subject line (e.g., “Schneider.ICAPE.Teaching Roundtable”). Please also
> title the Word or RTF document containing your submission in a similar
> fashion.
> Authors who present at the ICAPE conference are encouraged to submit their
> papers to the American Review of Political Economy (
>, edited by Michael Murray and
> Nikolaos Karagiannis. Papers from the conference will be published in a
> special issue of the ARPE.
> Note that ICAPE does not arrange lodging for this conference. Participants
> should make their own arrangements.
> Please address your questions to Geoff Schneider (
> [log in to unmask]), Executive Director of ICAPE.
> *ICAPE is looking for locations for future conferences in San Diego on
> January 5-6, 2020. If you know of a potential location in any of these
> cities, please contact us. *
> Geoff Schneider
> Professor of Economics, Bucknell University
> Office: 128 Academic West
> Address: 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA 17837
> Email: [log in to unmask]
> Office Phone: 570-577-1666