*The Art of Record Production Conference 2019*

*In C: Creation, Connectivity, Collaboration, and Controllers*

*Hosted by Berklee College of Music, Boston, May 17–19, 2019*

   - *DEADLINE for abstracts: September 28, 2018, 12:00 a.m., EDT*
   - *Notification by October 29, 2018*

   Our title for the 14th Art of Record Production Conference is inspired
   by Terry Riley’s seminal, minimalist work "In C" (1964). When asked how he
   would describe the relationship between his drive to push technology to its
   limits in the 1960s and the musical possibilities that resulted, Riley
   replied that it was all driven by "the 'What if?' principles." This
   conference seeks to bring together scholars, artists, and innovators
   applying "What if?" principles to practice and research. Our "C"
   themes—creation, connectivity, collaboration, and controllers—all represent
   areas of movement in contemporary record production, and we invite
   participants to interpret them creatively as they relate to active research
   projects and creative work. For full version of the CFP, enquiries, and
   more information please visit:


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