When: April 12-13, 2019

Title: Bach in the Imaginary Museum and Bach Re-Imagined: Contemporary Perspectives on Performing and Re-Creating Bach

Description: J. S. Bach’s music—widely regarded as a foundation of the “standard repertoire”—is constantly being recycled within contemporary musical culture, ranging from historic recreations and historically informed performances (HIP), to adaptations, arrangements, covers, and new works that are influenced by or inspired by “Bach.” This symposium seeks to bring together scholars (and possibly composers) from diverse perspectives to elucidate the multiple ways that the music of J.S. Bach has been re-imagined from the time of the Mendelssohn Revival to the present. Topics may range from the philosophical to the practical: notions of the work concept and Werktreue; new perspectives on historically informed performance practice; arrangements and adaptations; changing ideas about the role of the performer; Bach in popular music, film music, and jazz; and the influence of Bach in the composition of new works and as a topic in contemporary culture.

Keynote Address: Lydia Goehr (Columbia University).

Please send paper proposals (abstracts of up to 300 words) to Erinn Knyt (eknyt -at- by Sept. 1, 2018.

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