Organised Sound, Volume 23 / Issue 2, August 2018

Editorial: New Wor(l)ds for Old Sounds
Erika Supria Honisch, Margaret Schedel

Between Szőke’s Sound Microscope and Messiaen’s Organ: The cultural realities of blackcap song
Gergely Loch

Orchestra Machines, Old and New
Jonathan De Souza

The Anthropomorphic Analogy: Humanising musical machines in the early modern and contemporary eras
Rebecca Cypess, Steven Kemper

Orphan Sounds: Locating historical recordings in contemporary media
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Code-switching and Loanwords for the Audio Engineer: The flow of terminology from science, to music, to metaphor
Nicholas R. Nelson

Unpacking the Musical and Technical Innovation of Knut Wiggen
Jøran Rudi

The Tone of Prime Unity
Will Schrimshaw

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