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will be classes other than the Playing with Fire food related ones! See
below for class descriptions.

It is NOT too late to add your class! Contact Countess Ylva Jonsdottir
<> on Facebook or
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*Florentine Fashion, 2 PM Saturday in the permanent shelter:* This class
looks at women’s fashion in Florence, Italy between 1490-1540. We will
discuss the various layers and how you can build a versatile wardrobe with
a few pieces. (bring a chair). Taught by Lady Gianna Darla Carson

*Whole Cloth Dyeing, taught by Lady Agnes Carey Marquardt
Location – TBD (near water!):*

   - *Saturday: 9am to 10am – Dyes 101 (lecture class) 10:30am to ??* –
   Setting up Mordant and Dye vat(s) for the day .
      - 1pm to 3pm– Using a log to whole cloth mordant fabric for dyeing
      (Yarn can be mordanted after whole cloth projects are completed)
      - Either 4pm to 6pm or 6pm to 8pm – whole cloth dyeing with the log
      (Yarn can be dyed after whole cloth projects are completed)
   - *Sunday: 10am to 11am – Introduction to the Indigo dye vat including
   setup *
      - 1pm to whenever we are done – whole cloth indigo dyeing (Yarn can
      be dyed after whole cloth projects are completed)
      - Students who want to bring personal projects please contact Lady
      Agnes ahead of time to discuss feasibility of addition to already planned
      dye projects.

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