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Note:**   Baroness Elwyn of Fountaingrove
<> was the second Baroness of
Forgotten Sea; from 1979 to 1983 with HE Morgan Griffith of York
<>, and from 1983 to 1988 with HE
Davro son of Davril son of Davin <>*

*The photos have been corrected from an earlier version of this post.*

Unto the Their Royal Majesties Xersis
<> and
BelAnna <>, Imperator
and Imperatrix of Noble Calontir, and to all Peers and Populace of this
Land comes these words of remembrance from the pen of Master Mellitus of
Rouncivale <>.

Let candles be lit and let Glimgloria sing “Non Nobis”. Let the bards and
historians speak on the deeds of Baroness Elwyn of Fountaingrove

Baroness Elwyn served Calontir from the earliest days when we were a region
of the Middle Kingdom. It is said that she was instrumental in the early
growth of Calontir.

Elwyn began her journey in the SCA in the Shire of the Fountains, which
would be absorbed into the Shire of Forgotten Sea. Elwyn was awarded arms
by King Moonwulf and Queen Zarina of the Middle Kingdom in May of AS XIII.

Elwyn served as Baroness of Forgotten Sea from April of AS XIV to May
XXIII. She served with Baron Morgan of York
<> and Baron Davro son of Davril
<>, and under their leadership,
Forgotten Sea grew and prospered. Elwyn was the third person invited into
the Order of the Cross of Calontir by Warlord Humpk d’Bohunk (HG William
Vatavia) <> in his last court at
Calontir’s first Coronet Tourney. King HE Thorvald Anlafsson the Golden
<> and HE Queen Branwyn Whiteraven
<> honored her as a baroness of
Their Court when her tenure was done. As Regional and then Principality
Seneschal of Calontir, it was her efforts that coordinated our transition
from Region to Principality.

Though she has rarely been seen at events in recent years, the work she did
so long ago lives on in our Kingdom. Elwyn was known for her singing voice
and her love of dance as well as the kindness and generosity she showed to
all whom she came across. Many of those who joined the SCA in those early
days benefited from her guidance and are now counted as Peers of the Realm.
Calontir, honor well the memory of Baroness Elwyn of Fountaingrove for her
legacy lives on in you.


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