Unto the Populace of Calontir, Greetings from Your Kingdom Equestrian

My time as the Kingdom Officer for Equestrian activities has been
enlightening, informative, and productive. I have truly enjoyed the
opportunity to grow our equestrian community, integrate our activities into
the normal everyday event, and bring about changes that will help future
officers more easily deal with reporting and recordkeeping. Adding
equestrian authorizations to the FALCON system was a long-term goal that I
am happy to have completed in time for a new Officer to be named.
Additionally, supporting the authorization of several new equestrian
marshals has been a highlight of my tenure as the KEO and will be
invaluable to the encouragement of activities throughout the Kingdom.

Alas, it is time for me to hand over the reins to another, so that
equestrian can continue to grow and prosper under the influx of new ideas
and a fresh new perspective.

As such, Their Majesties and the Earl Marshal are calling for letters of
intent from anyone interested in the Kingdom Equestrian Officer position.
Please send letters of intent to Their Royal Majesties at
[log in to unmask], the Earl Marshal at [log in to unmask],
and myself at [log in to unmask] Letters of intent should be received
by October 1st, 2018. Interviews will be arranged at a future date and the
transition will take place at Kris Kinder.

Ever in Service,
Mistress Eowyth Þa Siðend

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