For drafts I use Hammermill 98pt white inkjet paper and run thru the epson as plain paper. I have also used Hammermill Laser as it has a claycoat type feel. You'll want to test paper settings but you can get a good rough before printing to a high $ paper.  I only use the matte presentation or photo paper if I need to run thru the RIP for a final proof print. Check to make sure you have the most recent drivers and the Epson paper settings downloaded to your computer prior to  printing. Selecting the right setting will ensure a consistent output and can help save ink.Plain paper setting are set for a lower ink distribution and lower ppi, so you are not going to get the same output you would get with glossy or matte photo paper.
Good luck! Deb

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Due to a rearrangement of the office, our HP Multifunction printer is way too far away for me to use for casual printing. Right next to me, however, is an Epson Artisan 1430. I would use that for every day color printing, except that on plain paper, the colors are unpredictable and usually muddy. I’d use the better papers that I have, except they’re ridiculously expensive. So, what I’m looking for is some 8 ½ x 11 paper that will print reasonably well in a 6-color inkjet and be cheap enough for regular, every day printing.
Any thoughts are appreciated.

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