Britt, your comments remind me of a couple of things. First, yes, there are some extra things to keep in mind if your work is published. Collecting work (as in “Collected Works 2018”) was - and I assume still is (though I suggest double checking) - possible only with unpublished pieces. If published, you have to do each separately unless you have a series, such as 20 illustrations used in the same book. 

I believe the 90 days doesn’t apply for unpublished art, though there is a protection - and you may get more money via a suit (court costs paid by the infringer, as an example) - if you register the copyright within a specific window of time near the point of infringement. So it’s ideal to have the registration done before you put the image “out there” to a client, on your web site, etc.  


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The main issue I have heard you might have with registering collections (i.e. - "Collected Works 2018") is that the collection is considered a single work, so theft/unapproved use of a single piece from the collection would be looked at by a judge as *possibly* a minor infringement of the whole work and thus *possibly* subject to a smaller penalty. That is the concern anyway.

Also I believe it is generally considered proper procedure to register images within 90 days after publication, so a three-month cycle of collected works might be a better regime to make the infringement target smaller and hit all the legal points for published works.



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