Happy Monday!
I have been combing through my shelves, looking for things to part with (not easy!), and discovered a lovely copy of the Journal of Natural Science Illustration, Volume 3, Number 1, from 1999. Here are the articles included:

-From Fossil Plants to Scientifically-Accurate Dioramas: the Fabrication of Prehistoric Ecosystems, by Marjorie Leggitt and Kirk Johnson
-Underwater Reference photography for Natural Science Illustrators, by Cynthia Shaw
-An Overview of Basic Insect Morphology for Scientific Illustrators, by Byron Alexander
-Coffee Stain Technique, by Gerald Hodge
-Assessing the Effectiveness of Scientific Illustration as a Learning Tool in the Elementary School Classroom, by Patricia Ferrer and Joseph Trumpey
-K-12 School Artist in Residency Programs- Opportunities for Natural Science Illustrators, by Kristine Kirkeby
and, of course, a gallery

It's in perfect condition, but I don't need it.
I'd be happy to mail it to anyone who is interested- just write to me directly at [log in to unmask] with your address.

Have a great week!


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