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Summary, September 15, A.S. 53

*In evening court:*
Rowan of Golden Sea – Queen’s Chalice
Piers Fauconer <> –
Skinna-Hrefna – AoA
Tessie of Cúm an Iolair <> –
Leather Mallet
Knorr bestingr – AoA
Ki no Kotori <> – Calon
Ashland de Mumford
<> – Calon Lily

*Other court tidings:*
1 newcomer received a mug.
Lord Finán mac Crimthainn
<> and Lady
Gianna Viviani <>
shared the Judges’ Choice award.
Emma Under Foot <> received the
Youth Queen’s Prize.
Lord Hugo van Harlo <>
received the Queen’s Prize.
A boon was begged for Marie le Faivre
<> to join the Order
of the Laurel.

Unknown Artist. Minstrels with a Rebec & a Lute.
13th c. Manasseh Codex. El Escorial, Madrid. Public domain in the US
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