The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Crucible at the Crossroads Court
Summary, September 22, A.S. 53

*In evening court:*
Yngvarr Bjarnakarl – Torse
Kenda Ottarsdottir – AoA
Mjǫll Úlfarsdóttir <> – Golden
Calon Swan
Jon Chesey <> – Leather
Yseult de Michel <> – Golden Calon

*Other court tidings:*
The Barony of Shattered Crystal <> team
won the day.
12 newcomers received mugs.
Lord Ren Jie <> will be the
new Social Media Officer.
Many good gentles received War Certificates from RUSH

The Unicorn is Found (from the Unicorn Tapestries) 1495–1505, The Met
Museum. CC0 license.
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