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Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent
manuscript. Public domain in the US

*Ed. Note: * HE Duncan Bruce of Logan has provided a couple of short
historical articles. The following is an introduction to Triatia for those
who may be unfamiliar with it.
For those of you to young to have been there, or too old to remember, here
is a brief (and biased) history of Triatia.
Triatia consisted of the Barony of Forgotten Sea and the Shires of Carlsby
and Crescent Moon. It was ruled over by the Lizard King Sir Otto. Since
there weren’t enough fighting events to suit His Imperial Majesty, he
declared war on Vatavia.
It was a wonderful event that included a Base Brawl game, where the batter
had to hit a softball with a single sword, and then run the bases, killing
the person guarding each base. Since the rules didn’t state that the person
guarding abase had to stay there, His Lordship Tomeki (this shows you how
long ago it was) ran from third base to help defend first. The umpire (Her
Ladyship Eleanor Isabeau D’Autun ) said he couldn’t do that. An argument
ensued, he kicked dirt on her boots, she ejected him from the game, and
it ended with a bench clearing brawl. What a great time.
There was a second Triatian war, about which the details are much fuzzier
in this reporter’s memory, except for the rock bowling, in which Sir
Eringlen bowled a rock through the walls of someone’s modern nylon tent.
The third and final Triatian was was with Three Rivers, to claim the rights
to all things Three. It was a cold and rainy day, that culminated with His
Grace Shadan in a prom dress in a dunk tank. Oh, and His Majesty Rorik
declared the war a tie and everyone should go home friends. The only other
comment of note was Sir Lars wanting to take home the clay that was made by
churning the straw in the battlefield into the mud created by the bridge
battle to make pots.
I said it was brief, didn’t I?
— Logan —
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