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Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent
manuscript. Public domain in the US

Denizens of Triatia, hearken unto me!
I, Baron Logan, Triatian Overlord by rightful conquest, and confirmed in
that station by Their Royal Majesties Anton and Isabeau, do invite all of
you to join me at the Crucible at the Crossroads.
Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea and Their Excellencies Vatavia have
jointly declared me Their Magnate,to lead Their forces both on and off the
field to claim the crossroads of Calontir as our own.
In the days of our great-great-grand-sires did the forces of Triatia,
formed of Forgotten Sea, Carlsby, and Crescent Moon, join with those of
Vatavia to claim our rightful ownership of all things Three. (Let’s not
argue about who killed who to form that alliance. That’s all in the past.)
Now, once again has Three Rivers challenged the forces of Triatia to come
and claim that which is ours by right. For after all, what is a crossroads
but the place where Three roads (plus another one.) come together? And do
we not adore and defend (and covet) all things Three? Are they not ours to
I call on the archers, the artisans, the banner makers, the cooks, the
equestrians, the fighters, the nobles, the peasants, the servers, and the
youth to come and compete. There will be activities for everyone, and all
are welcome!
So come to the Crucible at the Crossroads
<> in
Puddleford and help Triatia defend that which we hold dear!
In Service to Three, and the greater glory of Calontir, I remain
— Logan —
Overlord of Triatia
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