At the "Crucible at the Crossroads" event, at Puddleford (Warrenton, MO), on Saturday, September 22, 
the Baker's Guild will be holding an Inn/Fundraiser.


Roman-style beef or chicken meatballs, served with flatbread, pita, or “naked” (you choose!)
with various dipping and dressing sauces.
Hand-held meat pies
Fried Squash
“Onion Straws”
Assorted vegetables, fresh fruits, and cheese
Assorted breads
Small dessert pies
Tea, Lemonade (both regular and Lavender)

The Inn will be run on a "donations" basis, with the proceeds going to purchase the materials
for a shade fly, for the bakers to use while they continue to provide yummy things!

Fiondel Songspinner,
Deputy Guild-head,
Calontir Baker's Guild


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