New computer (iMac Retina display). New glitches to work out.

Calibrated the monitor. The interface for calibrating the monitor are hidden. You have to hold down the Option key and click on CALIBRATE. Then you get the familiar calibration steps. And boy, it’s wonderful on the Retina display - very easy to match the colors.

I have an old Epson 3880. They have a known glitch of the print heads jamming. There error message tells you to have the printer serviced. But turning it off; turning it on and when the printhead moves, pulling out the power cord; then manually moving the print heads left, right, then left; plugging the printer back in - remedies the problem. It isn’t worth the hassle of having it repaired.

Oddly, the printer paper profiles no longer show up in Photoshop color profiles, so I just tried an Epson sRGB. 

Took some tweaking to find the paper types in Photoshop (they were greyed out). It lists the types of paper, but not sizes, so these have to setup manually. 

The printer is connected via ethernet and an IP address. But the printer dropped the network when I installed the new computer. So I enabled the network via the printer. 

Then the paper wouldn’t load. It takes a delicate touch.

But boy, the prints sure are gorgeous.  

Prior to all of this, the Epson scanner software produced awful results. Now it may be partially due to the scanner having problems with a small egg tempera painting and all the transparent layers. It came out really GREEN. So I updated my Silverfast scanning program and used it. It was originally supplied on a CD, so I had to go through the Silvefast site and convert it so I could download an installer (instead of installing the original, then updating it several times over). The Silverfast people responded within a day and were a big help. Spent about an hour and a half tweaking the various settings. Got a good result.

Time intensive, yes. 

But good results.


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