Hi Linda,

My trusty 4-year-old MacBook Pro started to exhibit some terminal issues just a month ago - I spent 2 days trying to diagnose issues but I’m left with the option of sending it to apple… and I can’t be without a machine, sooo - I bought the NEW MacBook Pro, 15”. 

It’s as shiny and lovely as a new laptop aught to be; transferring my entire life from one machine to the next wasn’t THAT bad, and I think I even have some resolution to glitches that I was getting with my Cintiq. The touch pad at the top of the keyboard seems needless to me, but there is no option without it. The biggest annoyance is the port issue… these new machines have ONLY USB-C (brand new), and (thankfully) a headphone jack. Again, there’s no way around this - you WILL need to drop a few hundred dollars on adapter cables (for older USB, SD cards, HDMI, etc). Apple makes a single USB to USB-C adapter but anything fancier you need to go 3rd party - I picked up a dock that has 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB, an SD, a micro SD, and an HDMI all in one (from Best Buy) - in addition to the adapter from apple, and another one to connect to the Cintiq’s particular cable. It’s a headache, for sure.

Also gone is the mag-safe power connection (charging happens through the USB-C), which I’m honestly terrified of - my 95lb dog put my old charging cable to the test more than once, and I’m paranoid now about leaving dangling cables that could result in $4,000 hitting the floor and getting dragged into the kitchen. 

All that said, progress doesn’t come without some irritation, and overall I like the new computer just fine - the battery life is AWESOME, it’s lightening fast, the speakers/sound seems to be improved, and it’s just that much more slick and streamlined in design than the last gen. Wishing you best of luck with your particular solution, and here’s to the start of a new semester! (Mine starts tomorrow)


Natalya Zahn
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> On Sep 4, 2018, at 9:39 AM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> HI All!
> Well my trusty Mac Book Pro is dying! I've to a class to teach in 10 days.  No time to drive twice to Tucson to get it looked at by an apple store.   
> What do you use?
> I need either a tablet or a laptop, but I need it to run a Powerpoint presentation (no time to switch to the MAC version). 
> Photoshop, wifi,  I have a VGA adapter where I plug into their projectors and smart screens.  AND hopefully they still make them with flash drive USB slots! (rolling eyes skyward here).   
> My last one had a CD slot, but they probably don't make them any more- rats! 
> Any advice?
> Super thanks!
> Linda
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