Wow, you nailed, it Karen.

And that's another thing I had not thought about, was connectivity to 
external drives, backups, etc.
I wouldn't mind getting a Mac iPad Pro tablet (prices are lower), but am 
experiencing a steep learning curve as to what sort of ports it has and 
what kind of adapters are even possible- or not possible.

I would prefer a laptop with keyboard.  I've gotten along just fine with 
this MacBookPro with 250GB memory. It's a travel/teaching laptop, not my 
desktop computer.

I have read and heard really good things about HP and Asus tablets, but 
the point with all my programs and peripherals being Mac compatible is 
swaying my decision towards staying with Macs. Only because the workshop 
begins in 10 days.

The iPad smart keyboard is an extra $150.  No idea if there is a mouse 
anymore. It might be all touch-screen.

Consumer reports give the same score for all the IPad Pros 10.5".  They 
give lesser scores for the laptops MacBook Pro 13-inch, but it's really 
minor. The laptops have *much* better battery life (like Natalya said).

I can use one of the institutions computers with a flash drive (if they 
haven't loaned it to another instructor- will have to check that) , I've 
had to do that before when my laptop died on the plane headed towards 
the workshop! (Heart palpitations, indeed). My laptop no longer 
connected to my Dropbox (outdated OS system- blast Dropbox). AND 
sometimes the classroom does not have WiFi, for me to show videos, so I 
have them downloaded and can simply run them reliably from the laptop.

So, I try to go prepared to these workshops with all possible backups 
for both anatomy lectures, to flying bird videos.

I WAS shopping for a new camera, so now I guess it will go towards a new 

thank you Karen!
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 9/4/18 8:09 AM, Karen Ackoff wrote:
> Yes, Linda. New Macs come with High Sierra and generally aren’t 
> considered backwards compatible.
> If you have your PPT file on a flash drive, you generally can plug and 
> play wherever you are presenting as they usually have an instructor’s 
> computer. BUT... remember fonts can be an issue. If you’ve used 
> Mac-specific fonts, using a PDF rather than PPT will generally address 
> that. If you have any videos, they have to be re-inserted for PC (when 
> going from Mac to PC; or at least they used to).
> I just upgraded my desktop. Have had some issues but that’s what I get 
> for waiting 9 yrs to upgrade (tho I was running High Sierra on the old 
> Mac). My problem has been external drives that eject on their own 
> accord - if you have this problem, let me know. I have a solution.
> PCs can be cheaper but if you have Mac apps you don’t want to have to 
> buy new PC versions - factor this into price. Don’t know if you can 
> switch CC from Mac to PC. Also consider accessing any external drives 
> you may have and whether or not they are Mac-formatted. Macs read PC 
> drives but PCs do not read Mac-formatted drives.
> Some things to consider.
> Why do these things always happen up against a deadline of some sort?
> K
> From my iPhone.

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