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On 9/23/18 3:11 PM, Karen Ackoff wrote:
> For anyone who has a Mac and upgraded an iPhone to iOS12, you may 
> notice that iTunes, even though up to date, may not “see” your iPhone 
> to sync or back up.
> This happens for PC people, too, but an update was issued - iTunes 
> 12.9. No update has been issued for Mac. iTunes 12.8 was and is the 
> current version.
> For Mac, you have to reinstall iTunes 12.8. You can download iTunes here:
> <>
> Close iTunes. Then install 12.8 (even if that is your current version) 
> and during the install, a message will pop up saying that an update is 
> required. Let it go through the motions. Once installed and when you 
> relaunch iTunes, you should see your iPhone.
> Note that I’m running High Sierra. Several people I know running El 
> Capitan are still having issues.
> Also, in the event that anyone here uses Finale v.25 (music notation 
> program) - do NOT upgrade to Mojave. Finale v.25 is not compatible. 
> Finale will be releasing v.26 (free for those who are running v.25) 
> later this year.
> K
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