also B & W Laser comparisons:

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Subject: RE: [SCIART] laserprinters

HP laser Printers have always been workhorses in my experience, but I have not had to buy one recently.

Here is a review page from 2018 PC magazine:

Top Ten Reviews:

Printer showcase:

Do you need 11 x 17, or color laser printing?

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HI All:
Any recommendations for 8.5x11" laserprinters?  My HP laser Jet is gone whackadoodle.  I've tried to nurse it along to get the most out of the new toner cartridge, but I've reached my limit.
I haven't a hope to see if the old toner cartridge will work on ANY new printer.

I also have a 4-in-one HP ink jet printer, but try not to use it.

HP or switch to Epson?

Mac OS Sierra and High Sierra.

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