Hi Mali,

I’ve been working on this lately too.
They have announced a “pay as you can” approach. It used to be a subscription service. What I don’t like about this is it puts your info onto THEIR server. I assume they have a backup protocol, but also it raises security concerns.

I’m using GYST now, so have the most to say about it.
They have two versions, I’m using the Pro for $129. It is a customized version of FileMaker Pro, and there are some things that could work better. PROS: It has lots of options for tracking print editions, exhibitions, artist statements, research, etc. CONS: 1. There is a glitch in High Sierra where when you open the app, it tells you it’s missing a file. There is a workaround. 2. Inserting images is a bit puzzling… the INSERT > PICTURE only works for the section on art supplies. Instead you have to use the IMPORT tab. Not insurmountable, but I had to figure this out. 3. Printing takes a bit of finesse. You are not provided with a preview, so cannot see if the image is cropped. The option to fit image to page still crops out info. I did finally get it to print OK, but again this isn’t exactly intuitive. 4. You cannot make more than one database. So, for example, if I wanted to create one database of drawings and another of paintings - can’t do it. However, you can set categories and keywords. 
Conclusion: I like this program but it could use some polish. The owner is very responsive, and helped me with all of the above. I even spoke with her by phone.

Other options (this info is a year or more old); Comments are my own opinions - your opinions may vary. Note: I’m not crazy about subscription apps, and I’m also not crazy about storing my catalog on someone else’s server.
Buy or subscribe
            Collectify collectors’ edition – 189.95
            Collectify home inventory – 29.95
            Both offer free 30-day trials
Cloud gives you access to both – and includes $130 setup fee in addition to a monthly charge ranging from Standard $19.95 (300 objects, storage 250 MB), premium 29.95 (1200 objects, 5G storage), deluxe (60K objects, 50 G storage) 49.95. This is 2 images per object.
ARTISTS (also for version for collectors/organizations)
	apprentice - $5/month, 100 pieces
	professional - $9/month, 300 pieces
	master - $12/ month, unlimited pieces
Not crazy about storing work in the cloud (I have my own backup protocols).
Versions for artists, galleries, corpporations, galleries
Interface looks detailed and thorough, but NO PRICES; must email for information
	Standard - $249
	Advanced - $299
	Pro (incl ipad/iphone interface) - $499
In existence for over 20 years
lifetime membership
	option 1 - $5K ENTRY FEE, $195/month for 1 computer
	option 2 - $2500 fee, $295/month
	option 3 - $7500 fee, no monthly fee
online inventory system
artists / collectors / galleries – versions
	pro - $240/month
	galleries - $120/month
	artists or collections - $80/month
free open source
won’t import psd files
won’t take large images,  jpg image larger than 6400 x 4800 will not be imported, ones larger than 800 x 600 will be shrunk to “at most that size”. Limitations will be removed in a future version.

You can see some are VERY expensive, and are intended for museum use (I’m guessing - no artist I know of is going to pay a $7500 fee.

I did play a bit with Apple’s NUMBERS app, which wasn’t bad.

So this should list gives you an over view. Please note: I have not checked current prices… so don’t go on my info alone.

Best, Karen

PS This would make a good article for the newsletter, if someone wanted to update prices and such. I’m fine with this info being used as is, but please note prices are not current.

> On Sep 29, 2018, at 6:25 PM, mali moir <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am not sure if this subject has been raised recently....
> I would like to find an easy and free system to record/catalog all my artworks. 
> At the moment I just have some images and details put onto a word doc, good for info but hard to find ....
> Can anyone suggest a simply free system please?
> Ive looked online but I prefer to get advise from artists and this is a fantastic forum for great advise.
> thanks in advance
> Mali 
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