Hi All,

           For most artists the constant upgrades of Creative Cloud are probably an advantage but for someone like me, using the measuring function as part of a photographic system, they can cause big problems.


I have stuck with CS6 Extended but a former colleague in New Zealand found that CC suddenly changed how it used the measuring system and all his calibrations of each lens at each magnification suddenly no longer worked after an overnight update.


Since this was the main function he was using Photoshop for it was a disaster. He couldn’t find the path in the new version to reinstall the file and his IT people wouldn’t let him go back to CS6.


Adobe seem to make changes without fully testing them and it can cause chaos.




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Hi Tricia,

I have been paying the monthly fee for Creative Cloud for a few years now. I like that I never have to think about or make a decision regarding whether or not to upgrade my software—something I always dreaded. I also like that I have access to Adobe Typekit, which offers use of some nice fonts (at no extra charge), and that I have access to other Adobe software beyond just Photoshop and Illustrator, some of which I've actually used. ;)

The downside is of course the monthly fee. As Ron said; it's just the cost of doing business, and for me it's well worth it.

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Hi All,


I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. I am embarrassed to say how old my Adobe Suite is but let’s just say it is pretty old and now that I just upgraded my MacBook I can’t get Illustrator to work - it just freezes. :( 


Please share your experiences with the subscription - I want likes, dislikes, cost per month etc…



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