Hi Bruce,

                How did you make that DVD? Simply copying? If so you should be able to find the file on it. Why not ask the technician who did the install?




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Well, I had to do a clean install to update to the latest Windows 10.  Had to do with the size of the System Reserve partition.  I had a local technician do this, as the instructions from various sources seemed too complicated.  Well, everything is mostly OK after reinstall.  Except, dumb me, I didn't save the folder having my key words.  Since I have literally thousands of photos, this causes me more than a bit of consternation.  I was brilliant(?) enough to burn a DVD containing the entire C: drive, and I've asked MS support if there is a way to selectively reload items from that DVD.  Anyone else have any suggestions?  Other than going back a few days and THINKING.


Thanks, Bruce


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