Great way to solve the problem! I’ll have to get more proactive at talking to multiple tech support individuals.

I noticed Apple was very careful about giving me a case # and the sr. tech gave me her phone # and direct extension to call back and continue with the problem-solving. It’s the first time I remember being given a phone # like that. Circumventing the established protocol and asking for someone else might not go over real well. I suppose that should be the least of my worries. She is (I think) helping me with a couple non-Mail issues; we’ll see how far that goes. At least they are more minor. And other than the fact she didn’t have the right Mail answer, she is one of the most pleasant tech support staff I’ve ever interacted with. Of course that doesn’t go very far if nothing gets fixed. . . 


On Sep 13, 2018, at 1:21 PM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Fabulous detective work, Karen. 

I can't expect the techs to know everything..... I think their brain would go "Ka-boom".....  but Apple is good at trying, I have found.

One guy, I think it was HP printers, I said from the getgo that I wanted to find the solution, not purchase a new printer, and he hung up on me. haha.  No Joy with this gal. At first I was incensed, then thought he saved me a whole lotta time, I called back got someone else, and we fixed it.

I feel sorry for most of them, all they hear all day are complaints, frustration and tears!

Glad you got it worked out!


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