I was saddened to hear of the fire that gutted the Brazil Museum and it’s irreplaceable collections of cultural heritage and natural history collections.  Entomologists, I am truly sorry for the loss you must feel.  The hours of collecting and curating are incalculable.  It’s like losing a part of yourself.  More below…



Sharon J. Collman

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From CNN: 9/5/2018

Brazil museum fire 

An unimaginable loss. There's no other way to describe the destruction of the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil, which was gutted in a devastating fire over the weekend. An estimated 20 million artifacts -- spanning 11,000 years -- may have been wiped out in just hours. And Brazilians are angry. Protesters took to the streets over reports linking the fire with government spending cuts and inadequate maintenance of key infrastructure, including the building's sprinkler system. Many protesters claimed money meant to fund restoration projects at the museum had been diverted by the government. A candidate in the country's upcoming presidential election called the fire "a lobotomy of the Brazilian memory."
 Clipped From: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/09/news-museu-nacional-fire-rio-de-janeiro-natural-history/

“In terms of [my] life-long research agenda, I'm pretty much lost,” says Marcus Guidoti, a Brazilian entomologist finishing up his Ph.D. in a program co-run by Brazil's Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Guidoti studies lace bugs, an insect family with more than 2,000 species worldwide. The Museu Nacional held one of the world's largest lace bug collections, but the fire likely destroyed it and the rest of the museum's five million arthropod specimens. “Those type specimens can't be replaced, and they are crucial to understand the species,” he says by text message. “If I was willing to keep working on this family in this region of the globe, this was definitely a big hit.”

Snippit from https://www.npr.org/2018/09/03/644355778/crowd-gathers-to-inspect-damage-of-fire-at-brazils-national-museum

“And one of the people who was gathered there was Paulo Magno (ph), a researcher at the museum who's an entomologist. He works with insects.

PAULO MAGNO: (Speaking Portuguese).

REEVES: Magno says he's been collecting and researching insects around Brazil his entire life, and many other researches have done the same. And all that work which is now in the museum has turned to ashes, he says. It's lamentable. Lamentable, he said. “

Certainly more heartbreak and loss will be recorded as time moves slowly by.


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Subject: Re: ECN Vancouver 2018: Registration is open and Call for Symposia/Talks


Yes, he did and I was able to pay correctly later yesterday. Thanks, Gino and Gene!



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Hi Margaret,


I think this happened with somebody else and Gino was able to fix it. CC'ing him here.





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Supposedly we're in the regular registration phase now until November, but when I just went to register and pay, PayPal shows the fee as $160 (the onsite fee), not the $120 it should be, even though what shows in the registration confirmation is indeed $120. What gives? 

Margaret K. Thayer, Ph.D. 

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Field Museum and University of Chicago


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Hi Paul and anyone else who needs a bump about registration info,


The original email was sent out on June 7th. (See below for details)

I'm sorry if you didn't receive it.  Are you getting other ECN-listserv emails? 


Info about registration can also be found on the ECN website www.ecnweb.org as well as the ECN facebook and twitter accounts @EntCollNtwrk



Christy Bills
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Subject: ECN Vancouver 2018: Registration is open and Call for Symposia/Talks

Greetings ECN members,


The moment you've all been waiting for is here. Early bird registration is open on the website now! The price goes up until the meeting, and then it goes up again if you register and pay on-site.  Registration is not considered complete until you pay so you don’t get to claim the early bird rate if you do step 1 before August 31 and then pay after.  



a.       Early Bird registration --  $80 for regular and $40 for students; until August 31. 

b.       Regular registration -- $120 for regular and $60 for students; September 1 – November 9. 

c.       Onsite registration -- $160 for regular and $80 for students;  November 10 – 11.


The deadline to submit both talks and posters to be included in the program is July 1. The program will be closed on July 1 so it can be put together and posted for viewing online.  Send
 Chris Grinter [log in to unmask] or Gene Hall  [log in to unmask] your talk title, authors, affiliations and an abstract by July 1 if you want to present at the meeting.  Symposium organizers, please send a title and abstract of your symposium as well as titles, authors, affiliations and abstracts for the individual talks.  As with last year, symposium organizers can decide to print all or none of the abstracts for the talks in their symposium.


We so far have only 1 symposium/mini-symposium (feel free to contact the organizers if you think you have a talk that might fit…some still have space) Please contact Chris Grinter [log in to unmask] or Gene Hall  [log in to unmask] to sign up to organize a symposium. We had a lot of success in previous years with the Tales from the Field symposium and the "Natural History Discoveries and their Impact on Collecting and Collections Data", So if anyone wants to step forward and volunteer please let us know!:


a.       “ The Status of Entomology Collections and Survey and Inventory Research in Canada”. 
” - organizer: Andrew Smith ([log in to unmask])


Remember that student volunteers that help at the meeting can get their registrations waived entirely.  Contact Christy Bills ([log in to unmask]) if you are interested in volunteering.  We have a limited number of slots so it’s first-come, first-served.  They still need to register for the meeting as usual.


Hope to see you at the meeting!



Crystal A. Maier, Ph.D.


Insects Collection Manager

Field Museum of Natural History



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