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Vertigo schedule
Youth in basement
11am— byzantine chainmail bracelet
Noon— lunch
2pm— Bardic sing along
3pm— Horses 101

10am— hand spinning (rotary)
11am— hand spinning 2 (rotary)
History of quilting (rotary)
Sewing with wool (hall)
Noon— lunch
1pm— spinning wheel workshop (rotary)
Inkle weaving (rotary)
Roman dolls (hall)
2pm— Spinning wheel workshop 2 (rotary)
Renniance paintings (rotary)
Roman dolls 2 (hall)
3pm— Naalbinding (rotary)
Elizabethan embroidery (rotary)
Pick up weaving (hall)
Rattan fighting
10am— authorizations/inspections
11am— Bear [...]

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