Am just finishing up making what will be a 25-odd page downloadable grayscale PDF with black type. The illustrations were done with the help of Photoshop CS5 then saved as TIFFs to avoid loss when compressing these 5-8mb page-sized files. However - when I imported them into InDesign (same CS5 suite as PS), when viewing them on screen they seem very low-res. (They print out reasonably sharp too.) 

But when I export the InDesign files back to PDFs the pages seem fine. The agency I’m working for, who will be uploading these on their website, will be compiling all the InDesign files into a single PDF once we compile the rest of the resource pages, hence my sending them each individual InDesign file. 

Can anyone explain to me what is happening here, and whether I should have saved them as JPG in the first place and then moved them into InDesign? The final file will be a PDF. Thanks!

Kathy G

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