Hi Karen,
wow thanks so much for all this info, it is a great list which I will check out, even if it gives me some ideas on how to set up columns in the excel ....
I have just heard about FileMaker Pro, I may trail it, but not keen to spend more money, I just wanted to a slightly better system than my word docs,  to be easy to track and check.

I find my filing can slip into a mess, I am not on it all the time as I dont make enough art, but when I get questions and requests I am flicking thru docs and remeasuring and realise I should have a more easy and reliable system.
I guess this may be the case of some other artists, so yes I think it would be great subject to cover in some detail.

thanks so much again

Mali Moir - Artist Melbourne Australia
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Hi Mali,

Iíve been working on this lately too.
They have announced a ďpay as you canĒ approach. It used to be a subscription service. What I donít like about this is it puts your info onto THEIR server. I assume they have a backup protocol, but also it raises security concerns.

Iím using GYST now, so have the most to say about it.
They have two versions, Iím using the Pro for $129. It is a customized version of FileMaker Pro, and there are some things that could work better. PROS: It has lots of options for tracking print editions, exhibitions, artist statements, research, etc. CONS: 1. There is a glitch in High Sierra where when you open the app, it tells you itís missing a file. There is a workaround. 2. Inserting images is a bit puzzlingÖ the INSERT > PICTURE only works for the section on art supplies. Instead you have to use the IMPORT tab. Not insurmountable, but I had to figure this out. 3. Printing takes a bit of finesse. You are not provided with a preview, so cannot see if the image is cropped. The option to fit image to page still crops out info. I did finally get it to print OK, but again this isnít exactly intuitive. 4. You cannot make more than one database. So, for example, if I wanted to create one database of drawings and another of paintings - canít do it. However, you can set categories and keywords. 
Conclusion: I like this program but it could use some polish. The owner is very responsive, and helped me with all of the above. I even spoke with her by phone.

Other options (this info is a year or more old); Comments are my own opinions - your opinions may vary. Note: Iím not crazy about subscription apps, and Iím also not crazy about storing my catalog on someone elseís server.
Buy or subscribe
            Collectify collectorsí edition Ė 189.95
            Collectify home inventory Ė 29.95
            Both offer free 30-day trials
Cloud gives you access to both Ė and includes $130 setup fee in addition to a monthly charge ranging from Standard $19.95 (300 objects, storage 250 MB), premium 29.95 (1200 objects, 5G storage), deluxe (60K objects, 50 G storage) 49.95. This is 2 images per object.
ARTISTS (also for version for collectors/organizations)
apprentice - $5/month, 100 pieces
professional - $9/month, 300 pieces
master - $12/ month, unlimited pieces
Not crazy about storing work in the cloud (I have my own backup protocols).
Versions for artists, galleries, corpporations, galleries
Interface looks detailed and thorough, but NO PRICES; must email for information
Standard - $249
Advanced - $299
Pro (incl ipad/iphone interface) - $499
In existence for over 20 years
lifetime membership
option 1 - $5K ENTRY FEE, $195/month for 1 computer
option 2 - $2500 fee, $295/month
option 3 - $7500 fee, no monthly fee
online inventory system
artists / collectors / galleries Ė versions
pro - $240/month
galleries - $120/month
artists or collections - $80/month
free open source
wonít import psd files
wonít take large images,  jpg image larger than 6400 x 4800 will not be imported, ones larger than 800 x 600 will be shrunk to ďat most that sizeĒ. Limitations will be removed in a future version.

You can see some are VERY expensive, and are intended for museum use (Iím guessing - no artist I know of is going to pay a $7500 fee.

I did play a bit with Appleís NUMBERS app, which wasnít bad.

So this should list gives you an over view. Please note: I have not checked current pricesÖ so donít go on my info alone.

Best, Karen

PS This would make a good article for the newsletter, if someone wanted to update prices and such. Iím fine with this info being used as is, but please note prices are not current.

On Sep 29, 2018, at 6:25 PM, mali moir <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi everyone,
I am not sure if this subject has been raised recently....

I would like to find an easy and free system to record/catalog all my artworks. 
At the moment I just have some images and details put onto a word doc, good for info but hard to find ....

Can anyone suggest a simply free system please?

Ive looked online but I prefer to get advise from artists and this is a fantastic forum for great advise.
thanks in advance

Mali Moir - Artist Melbourne Australia
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